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Zesa Upgrades Pre-paid Meters

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmissions and Distribution Company has advised electricity customers to upgrade their pre-paid meters without fail by June of next year. The update exercise is provided free of charge, and in order to upgrade, customers will be given two tokens while recharging their electricity, one for the upgrade system and the other for power. The majority of prepaid meters in use require a software upgrade in order to continue purchasing tokens and uploading them into the system. For all prepaid meters in the world and region, there is a worldwide system. It is expected that if your meters are not modified by November of next year, you will be unable to use them.

 Zimbabwe is expected to complete the upgrade by June next year. In order to make the upgrade fast and efficient ZETDC is carrying out a campaign that when one buys electricity they get two tokens, one of which requires the other token to be entered and the other meter for the upgrade to the system. If that meter is not upgraded, the customer will not be able to upload the token in the meter for power. The power utility is engaging all customers nationwide so that customers are not inconvenienced by failing to top up their meters. ZETDC is placing meters at their costs so that customers do not incur any expenses. It also made it clear that all domestic and small businesses who are yet to be connected to power are going to be connected so that they use these electricity prepaid systems.

ZETDC urges all consumers who owes them to pay their bills that are due countrywide so that it is able to pay for the service. The debt is across customer segments from domestic, farming, mining sector, industry and commercial, local authorities and state entities. For those who will fail to corporate ZETDC will disconnect them from supplies.