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ZESA Increases Electricity Tariffs

  • The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a subsidiary of ZESA Holdings, announced electricity tariffs which became effective on the 31st of October 2023. ZETDC applied for the approval for an adjustment of US$0.02/kWh and stagger the tariff to a level of cost reflectivity. Prior to the application, ZETDC had been charging an average tariff of US0.10/kWh approved in October 2019 and maintained the value of that tariff through indexation. The new tariff adjustment of US$0.02/kWh was implemented on 24 October 2023 making the new tariff US$0.12/kWh. 

    It is being said that some of the tariffs given by ZESA do not include a 6% Rural Electrification Levy. For now, only exporters such as mines are billed in USD or foreign currency, domestic users and other users are still being billed in ZWL for the foreseeable future.

     ZETDC said consumers will get the following on their first purchase (domestic tariff):

    Consumption Bands

    Price per Unit in ZWL$

    Estimated Price including 6% REA (ZWL$)

    Price in per Unit in USD (Estimated)

    First 50 Units













    $1 021.31

    $1 086.50



    $1 136.46

    $1 209.00


    401 and above

    $1 192.39

    $1 268.50


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