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Zimbabweans Turns To More Consumption Of LPG Due To Electricity Blackouts

The use of LPG gas is increasing as consumers become more aware of the need to use cleaner energy. Zimbabweans have recognized the benefits of adopting LPG as an alternate energy source to manage their electricity expenses. According to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA), liquefied petroleum usage is likely to exceed 65 million kg by the end of this year as commodity consumption of LPG continues to rise. Gas is utilized for a variety of applications.   Below are some examples of how LP Gas is used to save energy in Zimbabwe:

GAS HEATING AND LIGHTING - LP Gas is a fuel used in heating appliances such as gas fireplaces, gas interior heaters, and heating geyser systems. When cooking, it is utilized in stoves, grills, and many other appliances by houses, restaurants, and many other institutions as the primary or backup energy source. LPG gas-powered lamps provide an effective light source away from electricity and require no batteries or recharging.

REFRIGERATION USING GAS - Our gas can also be used for off-the-grid refrigeration usually by a means of a gas-absorption refrigerator. These are now highly recommended due to unexpected power cuts and are effective and favorable for even an off-grid lifestyle.

The use of LPG contributes to a reduction in the use of wood fuel and lessens pressure on the national electricity grid. LPG prices for September 2023 is ZW$7414.68/ kg or US$1.60. ZERA values safe use of LPG in the home and has various awareness and educational programs to ensure zero accidents rate is maintained in the sector. The regulatory has also expressed concern over the use of unsafe gas cylinders and illegal distribution of LPG in the country. For safety reasons, consumers are encouraged to approach licensed LPG wholesalers and retailers. Since 2014, there have been at least 14 accidents involving gas handling errors.

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LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas

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